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Our COVID-19 Statement

As you might have heard, the world's a little bit strange right now. We're launching our 'outdoor coffee brand' in the middle of a UK lockdown, and so there are some things that we need to tell you about regarding how we are operating our business. You can read more as to what we're doing below, but throughout this whole ordeal please make sure to use your own head, look after that head (mental health is really important), and just generally stay safe. We'll get through this together.


We're doing everything we can to keep both our workforce and customers safe. That means listening and adhering to government advice, but also using our own judgment where appropriate, and so to minimise risk we are only roasting coffee 3 days a week for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

We believe this shouldn't affect our ability to get coffee to our customers but may delay how quickly we ship our products by one working day. It's a necessary change to our original plan that protects our team. We have made many more changes to the way our team works together to reduce all physical contact, and have also put safety measures in place to further protect the coffee that leaves the roastery from contamination.

However, there is always a small chance that our products or packaging may come in to contact with the virus, be it by one of our team or by the staff of the shipping companies that we use. There isn't a lot of information available to us as to how long COVID-19 can survive without human contact, but what we would advise is that you, without touching your face, thoroughly clean your hands after coming into contact with our packaging and wash your hands once more once you have made your coffee. There is always a risk, all we can do is reduce it the best we can.

Shipping - Coffee

Due to all of the above, we foresee delays in the amount of time it takes for your coffee to arrive. It will take us one more day than usual to get your coffee roasted and shipped, and then it's up to our shipping partners to do the rest.

For orders below £15 we are still using Royal Mail. At the time of writing this we are having a good experience and orders are arriving within 1-3 working days. This might change and so we are constantly reevaluating how best to get coffee to our customers.

For orders in excess of £15 we are using DPD 'Next Day Delivery'. We have no problems to date with this service and expect your coffee to arrive within 1 working day of being shipped. We will be monitoring this.

Shipping - Gear

With most of our team working from home, our access to the office (where all non-coffee products are stored) has become limited. We are currently operating one shipping run each week to get these products out to you, and so shipping may be delayed by as much as four working days.

Once in the hands of Royal Mail, we have been told that delays can be likely, though in our current experience orders seem to be arriving within 1-3 days.