I founded Wilshaw Supply Co because I love being outside. Whether it's walking your dog through your local woodland, hiking up a mountain to get that perfect shot for instagram, or fishing at the lakeside for a new PB, I want to encourage people to get out there and explore what the great outdoors has to offer. I'm also partial to a really good cup of coffee, I can get a bit nerdy about it, but what I have found is that there's no better way to experience it than when outside. It was when I realised this that it hit me - why not create a speciality coffee brand focussed on just that?

Great coffee for the great outdoors, I liked the sound of it. Having worked in the food and drink industry before I knew good people who could help me make it happen, people who could help me find ethically sourced coffee beans of outstanding quality and freshness. My team and I then spent countless hours perfecting four unique blends that we believe invoke the experience of certain adventures, experiences that you may have already become attached to, or that could inspire you to go out and seek.

There really is something to taking a moment and making good coffee whilst outside. We want our coffee to be linked to that, to be for that, and to serve as a reminder to get out there and experience new adventures, to share those moments with other people, and to do it all over again. For the sake of a hashtag, I call it #TheOutdoorGrind.

That's our story so far - we have plenty more to do, developing new flavours and new gear to enhance the experience. We also want to tell the story of others, as a passionate filmmaker I think there's no better way to inspire that feeling of wanting to get out there. So you can expect all of this and more from us. 

So get out there, buy some of our coffee if you want to, and share your stories with us so that we can inspire others to do the same.


- Tom Henshaw, founder & coffee lover